Song 97 – Messing for money

I’m here to mess with any brain
till I get the gain, again and again
till there’s pleasure in the pain.

I fight no wars, just needs my love to reign
while I make a living kissing and just entertain.
All for glory, better than the gory
I steal nothing and I cook no story.
So, I’m broke and money is a missing that’s glaring
my conscience is torn, that sackcloth wearing.
So being modest and working on a payroll
seems like no more good to go on afterall.
So here’s what my unconventional arse
sits here to tell you; Damn! I hate the farts.


Song 94 – Just today

On a day when the cold wind blows
thinking of cooking a story that shows
I am so much into act of talking
I hope somebody will rather not stalk me
When the great rift comes in between
when one talks real about how its been
World is split wide open with craze
descendants a plunder, snatching the cake.


Song 92 – Verse

I say, if all that clean verse
can’t save my day, but
I can’t stop to rehearse!

Verse is life, disguise,
but the veil is knit
with words that’s proof I’m wise.

Definitely, job is a thing
that can feed, clothe and means
that I’m officially cruising.

There’re days when I dream
that I can be the writer
who can go beyond and be amusing.

But when it’s time for answers
that my family asks up;
Those’re so practical and terse.

I can still keep under the carpet
what my passion is and has
such good feelings, none to regret.

So if some greatness is left
in the bag of soiled desire
that you can see is unique,

you’re looking at the same guy
who can’t predict but
can tell all that’s fed ain’t what we seek.

So listen what you read out
of the text so carefully written,
has some deep true giveout.

Please love the message,
not the so called brouhaha
that just pretends to be new age.


Song 83 – I feel like

I ask.. like, “Who am I?”
A face or name I know not
I can count as global.
I write .. like 4 lines
to settle a brimming feeling
that clicks at every interval.
It’s like, I want to be
famous, for what?!
There’re more writers who don’t sell!
And I wish .. like I grow rich
and wealthy and all…
Then starts the day and .. need I tell?!


Song 81 – Really today

Chirp in a phone
set to wake me up.
Nature is gone,
sad but doesn’t shake me up.
I press for a cup
I don’t stir anymore.
Faces on the screen
I pay for, unlike before.
Boxes to live in,
guard on pay.
Yet I am anxious
I’ll be free someday!


Song 78 – This ugly neighbourhood

All leaning to demise,
and reaper dragging on.
My reasoning is simpler;
where the heck are we going?

Many failing in religion,
failing the very thing.
Who else’s going to win the show,
where just one is hands down knowing?!

Look at her and tell me now,
does she need you when you stare?
What are you guys upto then,
when meanings turn annoying?!

Let us think a while
about a new resolution.
We will be around longer
to see our real bonds growing!


Song 77 – Happening life

Nothing like love happens
until a moment is missed
and longed for.

I have no sting to hurt
but all along I have sung
that a sky is more than I can ask for.

I have to line up with your flock
and fly into the distance
having to open no door.

There’s no life that ends high
when you are not making others jive.
It takes all heart to give more.

And until I can babble all this
and have no reason tonight to hide;
I am true to my core.