Song 19

Lo! I’m an angel
though I’m a mortal.
Fix me a gaze,
let’s swallow the sweet pill.

Find me where it rains,
I can’t live dry.
Every other day
is worth a try.

What’s post end days
in the day after?
God made a “weak” man
who wrote his chapter.

Yeah I’m a priest
of my body temple.
Born like a beast,
growing nimble.

Pass me the ranks on.
I need win hands down.
And a commune of free heads
for me to belong.


Song 18

That thing for love,
pleasure and gala.
Drink from a stream,
there’s much to dream.
When it’s time to leave
and dancers heave.

I hope you saw
what I saw.

I went to my room.
Night, I was alone.
And fanning my spirit
was time moving on.
Nobody stops to see what
and why, but.

I hope you saw
what I saw.


Song 17

Today’s gonna be
like yesterday.
Damn! a bad promise
but don’t cry.

If a he’s not great
and deserve a she
and if it looks dull
everything with me,
he can’t be a partner
who sees your new robe.
Morning to eve
that’s your worst hope.

So when I come
you turn away and lie
like no cuddle
and I deserve; I deserve none.

So if that’s the mood
today’s gonna be
like yesterday.
Damn! a bad promise
but don’t cry.


Song 16

Rank me somewhere
in the Illuminati.
Get me a share;
well, come to me.

You’re watching all
taking over.
Who’s here is
none like any other.

So let me in
to the party.
I know you will
open up smartly.

Imagine a guy
and needn’t be me.
But not given is
the same in variety.

So mark my words
don’t count me in nerds.
I can’t feel good
when the average hurts.

So, rank me somewhere
in the Illuminati.
Get me a share;
well, come to me.


Song 15

Oh great!
I’m no more thinking straight.
I’ve been working;
let’s take it’s fate.
No more money!
And it comes over
“it’s been years
and I’m late to this hour”.
Let me rewind.
What’re you upto pa?
“God bless you”
But isn’t that a dogma?
No, wait,
haven’t I been told?
that a guy is better
to be many hardships old?
You stick to the fable.
I’m out of the gate.
You? I can relate
because I’m not taking bait.
You say some great men
made lessons, their own,
like in the whole world
I got to this point alone.
No hard feelings
but this theme is overdone.
I’m back to be on
to live a day when “it’s won!”


Song 14

I see,

schemes of men
proven weak.
Scheme of magick
promising lead.

I see,

heavens are high,
hell is deep.
My pitch is,
you let me keep.

I know you;
you hate force.
You know me,
I got my goals.

So let good God
punch me a pass
that works everywhere,
fetch me class.


Song 13

We had nature
but no bounds.
Who put fences?
made us hounds!
Show some sense,
those children weeping.
Our only defence
be from offence.

So throw damned things out.
We’re wasting time
trying all we already can.
Take a breath,
let’s live a life too man.

Rah Rah Rah, Rah Rah
Take a breath,
let’s live a life
we already can.