Song 36 – Fantasy

Moons of the sky
in my dreams;
besides, I see I fly.
There’s no end
to fantasy.
Nowhere darkness seen,
when it’s all alight.

Can I have
invites for friends
to show up when
nothing pretends.
I need pure and true
of the feelings new
with a dash of findings
that reveals then too.

Mindless flight,
none of it bright.
Nothing profits
without a fight?!
But when I pen,
Watch what I convey.
Believe it’s awesome
and better that way.


Song 35

Do you remember
when you bore the pain?
But you wished you had
a girl again.

He has been so broke ever
He could never
save you the pain.

Here’s a man you
dreampt with to live.
But he made you to
earn to give.

Happy marriage and
hopes so wide,
growing under a
god to guide.

It takes still along
for you to bear
but he is nothing
being himself everywhere.

So let me conclude,
tell you my dear,
luck is working
till it won’t, you fear.

Do you remember
when he asked this again?
“Do you remember
when you bore the pain?”


Song 34

It feels like somebody
left all the smiles
for me to ponder,
all days, every while.

Why is it you?
Why is it me?
Who made the job
so easily messy?

Feels like love is hard
to get in little baskets.
The look of it says
if that is, it’s tough to get at.

But why is that us,
not happy to be?
Who made the job
so easily messy?!


Song 33

If you die in a war;
would you like
and not frown I live on?!

How would you look me upon?
How new will be every dawn?

If you had
a chance to try,
who would you like to be?

Would you keep the ranks?
or come humane
and hold some hands?

You ain’t my brother,
you carry no claim.
If we were strangers
anyone would be the same.

Would you keep the ranks?
or come humane?
Would you live
and hold my hands?


Song 31

On the fast lane,
in the age of planes,
he walks by and wanes.
Somebody has had an eye
to see, but missed him again.

Oh not again!
Not again.

Where are all the ill-fed going?
Who knows the drains?
Somebody has had the conscience
to know, but missed them again.

Oh not again!
Not again.


Song 30

Quarantined like
I’ve been of
no use to you.
But back with the brains
to get blown away
when you’re there;
Look no more when
the habit fails you dear.
It’s time to change
and yet that’s what many fear.

Rough is life
and seems like an itch.
More than monochrome
but better in sketch.
Draw on. Live on.
Hate the fact that
one love will always score.
And finding a place
is hard to do some more.