Song 93 – My trip

Where am I going?
Feeling like I did nothing
but kept rowing.

And when the dear ones
seemingly wondering
started loving and then annoying,

the whole theme changed;
There were more to do
on a bulleted list.

And finally the need of the hour;
that life is all about knowing
it’s a fate, not meant to be missed.

My old mailbox was flowing
when I logged in and saw
how rich has been my mind!

Then and now has been one trip
and wheels could be fast
but I’d be flying if destined.


Song 92 – Verse

I say, if all that clean verse
can’t save my day, but
I can’t stop to rehearse!

Verse is life, disguise,
but the veil is knit
with words that’s proof I’m wise.

Definitely, job is a thing
that can feed, clothe and means
that I’m officially cruising.

There’re days when I dream
that I can be the writer
who can go beyond and be amusing.

But when it’s time for answers
that my family asks up;
Those’re so practical and terse.

I can still keep under the carpet
what my passion is and has
such good feelings, none to regret.

So if some greatness is left
in the bag of soiled desire
that you can see is unique,

you’re looking at the same guy
who can’t predict but
can tell all that’s fed ain’t what we seek.

So listen what you read out
of the text so carefully written,
has some deep true giveout.

Please love the message,
not the so called brouhaha
that just pretends to be new age.