Song 89 – Creatives

Oh no, no envy,
or no vanity.
I just have wished
to have some eyes to watch me.
Looking ahead
to make a term that’s drag-free.
If you can like me
and my songs; read me.
If you’re online often,
you may rate please.
My blog has stuff
that’s all creatives.


Song 88 – Before you

before the rain
and its me drenched
like no other.

I can feel
something that’s waiting
to reveal.

Would I think
“why no heavens?”
when there’s more to the mind?

That’s why,
I’m drenched, like no other
before it’s raining
with everyone lagging behind.


Song 87 – An Adam’s Rib

Don’t dump it yet,
that’s an Adam’s rib;
but she won’t believe in it; I bet.

Don’t lose it,
that’s your best part,
once turned to a lady hard to neglect.

Let’s make it a charm
that men can praise
and let a wise man earn his prospect.

Don’t dump it yet,
that’s an Adam’s rib;
the finest tool to keep and protect.


Song 86 – The questions

“Can anyone tell me
what place do we leave?”
“Where sense is doing
its final heave!”

“Can you wonder why the flock
of angels cry?”
“Because the faith is molten
but the eyes are dry.”

“Will there be a war
that’s holiest so far?”
“Why not, when irony is
stretched that far?”

“Shall we find God
in a math yet unseen?”
“We may find that one
in the fag end of a gene!”


Song 85 – Our Days

Yesterday’s ghosts.
Nobody knows.
Back in the house, when life
isn’t all verse or prose.
Why have I done it?
Why was it you?
Why am I feeling that
bad times are true too?
Open your eyes,
I’m not all that wise.
But I care for your smiles,
if you can realize!


Song 84 – About God

God is a nomad.
Wish him great journeys
and safe strides.
His travelogues
he will share when
you meet him somewhere.
So set out, travel;
Nothing stays young
that don’t sweat and smile.
And God is eternal,
hands down so smart,
goes every new mile.


Song 83 – I feel like

I ask.. like, “Who am I?”
A face or name I know not
I can count as global.
I write .. like 4 lines
to settle a brimming feeling
that clicks at every interval.
It’s like, I want to be
famous, for what?!
There’re more writers who don’t sell!
And I wish .. like I grow rich
and wealthy and all…
Then starts the day and .. need I tell?!