Song 50 – Wise men

Wise men don’t jump to die.
They’re not too fast to try.
They go high, high, high
and higher as they like.

Think about that, amigo.
I just told what I know.

They’re not at war to kill.
Their words tell “don’t you cry”
Why many do still; why, why
why not love and smile?

Think about that, amigo
Think about that, my foe


Song 49 – Behind the door

“Oh you! hello!,
how’s your family?
are they fine?
are you going home?”
“Ya they’re fine
they’re waiting to dine
See ya!” but I wish
you knew some more.
There’s always darkness
behind the door.

“Praise the lord”? why?
no charms? that’s a bore!
I’m laughing at things
that just didn’t score!
Do you? But I wish
you knew some more.
There’s always darkness
behind the door.


Song 48 – Love tweeting

To you, I love you;
Twitter will do!
All in 140 but
in all honesty.
No words to waste
I hashtag my taste.
A chirper in white
I’d love to fly higher.
Everyone writes,
superstar to the friar.
Now, let’s be glad
here’s a global memoir.


Song 47 – Being me

There’s a bang in the corner
that’s my heart beating.
I’m far from my darling
knowing how she’s feeling.
It’s my fault if I skip it
when the question comes,
I want to believe in
how good talent becomes.
Raised in my teens
by the loss of the knowing,
amongst the annoying,
I had no clue of where I’m going.
Now in the thirties thorny
and missing the rose,
I easily prove it
that’s where the Cancer goes.
Be it the past that gnaws
into the moments today,
or the years I missed girls
and feared would I be gay?!
Forever maybe,
I’m a great mainstay
for the sort of the new stuff
that can pave the way.
I’m the one somebody
who wasted discourse,
but I easily proved it
that’s where the Cancer goes.


Song 46 – In the open

Now that it’s started to rain,
and I’m out,
getting washed up like a baptized,
from being devout.

There’s nothing manly in pain
when he cries.
All those roles and cliches
looks like demise.

So, when my woman says
I’m far from the change,
she’s been asking.

I’ll tell her it says
a lot about me when
we had bitter days.

But now it’s started to rain,
and I’m out.
I’m getting washed up like a baptized,
from being devout.


Song 45 – Struggler

I missed my smile,
I messed my age,
I did a flip
that kept me
in the cage!

I summoned back
the narcissist,
ever hurt,
a sinner of sorts
never pardoned!

I’m a man who
didn’t win,
by the rules
they laid to play
to be lovable.

Oh! how deplorable!


Song 44 – My bad real dream

I was rampant
in a hallway
clean of people,
doors and views.

I was alone.
I kept chasing
a rising anguished tone.

I had a bad dream so,
flat on my back.
My dear ones beside, asleep,
with whom I missed the knack.

I’m not sure of now how,
just how am I doing?!
You can’t see how I love,
so you see me losing.