Song 55 – Oh me!

To gain some friends
I made an attempt.
I wasn’t born to do
and all I did, happened.
I met none in the church,
neither on the road.
I knew them all so much
but my reticence was a load.

Never mind,
all this was to be.
Somebody always knew better;
why not me!?


Song 54 – Counting days

6 days back
I was watched on LinkedIn
5 days back
Was I dumped in the bin?
3 days back
I was grabbing at a straw.
2 days back
I was helpless in awe!
I had not a way.
Just today
who am I? Hey!!


Song 53 – How I wish!

I’m afraid
there’s a late pay
on the way.

It’s like
the pay day
never realized anyway.

And my boss says
I am to blame too
for the delay.

How I wish
I was much better,
had not a life so grey!

I’m afraid
my fortune is
not in today.

And there are
no promises to turn
true as you say.

How I wish
I had won over all
the worries and dismay!

How I wish
I wasn’t afraid!


Song 52 – What about me?!

Has your land found the buck
or has it seen you’re a talent.
How about your family?
Are they loving you? how many?

Don’t cry if you can’t do a jest.
You’re grace clothed in your vest.
Simple men are better beggars
’cause you’re bad taste to others.

So when it’s time and you had enough
but you still love your child!
Ask “Hallelujah, what’s this lord?
See! I’m your creation one of a kind”.