Song 60 – Painted for love

Back where it was,
like time frozen.
The painting was on
a dream never taken.

I am in love.
I can feel a flutter.
You always knew it,
why look any further?

It was easy
to win my heart.
Just had to bring it
after god does his part.

I am all in love
and I feel much better.
You always knew it,
why look any further?


Song 59 – Join me

Drunk and comic,
dressed up rich.
Who held you back?
join me.

Life’s like that.
Ain’t smooth
on a straight guy.

Should be drunk,
entertain the
god who can’t die.

And the world likes
the shameful spice
of my ride high.

So join me
or remain dry.


Song 58 – One true friend

He has broken
his promise;
Just on time
he did revise.
But he says
it was a smart move.
It is his way
of being wise.

He’s so, my friend;
when everybody’s aloof,
I listen, and
he finds me amused.
So I won’t mind
if he’s in order
or great with promises
to another.

That’s love;
I’ve got his back
as far as he knows.
He hugs me with a smile,
but not one bit a knack.
He got no words to keep,
I’m not asking.
We’ll go uphill any steep.


Song 57 – The event

When I said
about a savior,
he’s not the real deal.
It’s all about
who will fight
and who will kneel.
And somebody
will write about it,
sing about it
like the best
of the lord we’ve seen,
when a John turned just 13.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Song 56

When money was made
it were just coffers.
But then,
It made things easy
to go hard.

Now noone knows
for sure who is rich.
Souls levelled in real
with dreams
that don’t need a buck.

Here’s my bloody heart
that takes nothing to be sad.
But, seems I’m nothing in the game
money and loads of luck.