Song 24

Yours is a one man show
and I watch you
squirming to grow!

Why did you take me in?
Why do you make me feel guilty
for all I know?

I am hating money;
it’s weighing you down
to pay me, or
it’s just that you show.

But I know,
yours is a one man show
struggling to grow!


Song 23

Walk with me;
I don’t mind
you’re Jesus Christ.
As long as we don’t have
a sorry emotion,
I really don’t mind
you’re Jesus Christ.


You’ve half my creases
or less.
I’m so blessed.
Do you bless?
If you do
we can meet some, and
they shouldn’t mind
you’re Jesus Christ.


Song 22

My crying soul

is an overdose.

Kept it tucked

under the glow.


Fire this barrel

and watch it go.

Peace was nothing

without the blow.


So now it’s time

let’s live once more.

Drunk in a while

but not dead before.


Halleluiah! Joshua.

Don’t climb that cross anymore.