Song 100 – Oh me!

Now I’m not a man that can cut the chains;
the chains are born from my deepest blue veins.
I am not a guy who can make the world go around
the world is where I find it hard to stand my ground.
So keeping head down and ears up to listen
I take a walk but with no clue of the destination.
My psych doctor has a plan but she gives no pills
but this monster making me shut my mind surely kills.
It takes me time to get set and recuperate when unhappy
but unhappy times are the challenge time throws at me.
I guess the heavenly god could be testing my will but
finally I am struggling to pay all that’s paid in a bill.
I get a whiff of a rose blooming somewhere in a garden
but it’s faint though I’m standing near with senses hardened.
Let’s deal with it, I am far from that guy who nails it
in a crowd of people who claims what they want and bails it.
So even the best can’t stand in their friend’s defence
with guys like me choosing no tools to pick in offence.
’cause I am not a man that can cut the chains;
the chains are born from my deepest blue veins.


Song 99 – One angel

There’s an angel
who waits till you turn heel
and blows a trumpet to
accuse you didn’t wait enough.

That’s the angel who
pushes you to a 9 to night job
and gets you to grind and get
expelled with the boss’s cough.

The same angel bitches about
the renegade who takes chances,
cares less for honor and reaps
souls and benefits everytime it’s up.


Song 98 – Goodnight all

Goodnight all
like one you never had.
How life’s tad beautiful
and much of it mad!
So before tomorrow’s sun
shows us the road to leave
or go together,
in hope let us believe.
Before our faces
are the worst things
we each can’t stand,
let us dream that love wins.


Song 97 – Messing for money

I’m here to mess with any brain
till I get the gain, again and again
till there’s pleasure in the pain.

I fight no wars, just needs my love to reign
while I make a living kissing and just entertain.
All for glory, better than the gory
I steal nothing and I cook no story.
So, I’m broke and money is a missing that’s glaring
my conscience is torn, that sackcloth wearing.
So being modest and working on a payroll
seems like no more good to go on afterall.
So here’s what my unconventional arse
sits here to tell you; Damn! I hate the farts.


Song 96 – Psych in the face

Why the psych put that face on me?
A coat of white and a nerd I see.
Are you damning a date I’m due?
Are you killing my mind again? Are you?

Oh terrible fate that crap written
by a somebody who’s all rage like been bitten.
I think I failed enough and maybe last chance
is here to curse all to be forbidden.

Cut me loose you bloody moron!
What’s a life like thi‎s, always all wrong?!
Ah! Again the psych, putting a cross on me
on the clipped sheet that has my name upon.


Song 95 – Born strange

Born with a mind,
man of a kind.
Seen as a mute
with a life all screwed.
I write all kinds
of things that bleed
and cry and smile
as my soul may plead.
I bother who cares,
as I weigh my silence.
They find me a scorn
of god hurting without violence.
On fields of minds
with mines waiting cold,
I step on so heavy
on all feelings untold.


Song 94 – Just today

On a day when the cold wind blows
thinking of cooking a story that shows
I am so much into act of talking
I hope somebody will rather not stalk me
When the great rift comes in between
when one talks real about how its been
World is split wide open with craze
descendants a plunder, snatching the cake.