Song 79 – Miracles

A day of wonder,
fantasy and thunder,
only real!

Be it so,
what you yearned for,
only real!

Made to remember,
witnesses of miracles,
only real!

Softly angel,
the charms you utter,
only real!

The losses now,
for me you make up,
only real!

The dream is true,
the desire too,
only real!


Song 78 – This ugly neighbourhood

All leaning to demise,
and reaper dragging on.
My reasoning is simpler;
where the heck are we going?

Many failing in religion,
failing the very thing.
Who else’s going to win the show,
where just one is hands down knowing?!

Look at her and tell me now,
does she need you when you stare?
What are you guys upto then,
when meanings turn annoying?!

Let us think a while
about a new resolution.
We will be around longer
to see our real bonds growing!


Song 77 – Happening life

Nothing like love happens
until a moment is missed
and longed for.

I have no sting to hurt
but all along I have sung
that a sky is more than I can ask for.

I have to line up with your flock
and fly into the distance
having to open no door.

There’s no life that ends high
when you are not making others jive.
It takes all heart to give more.

And until I can babble all this
and have no reason tonight to hide;
I am true to my core.


Song 76 – Alarm

Porn porn porn, alarm honk horn.
Blare it hard on an addicted one.
Go on and on, walk from the room
that screen is pushing your mind to its doom.
People aren’t toys, girls or boys.
Quit that fantasy, make some noise.
Look around dude, men and women;
they need some heart, so kick out the demon.
Porn porn porn, alarm honk horn.
Blare it hard on an addicted one.


Song 74 – My Way Gain

It ain’t choosing great things afterall
when youre lured for a taste for nigh.
It takes courage to destroy yourself
when it comes to 10 bucks for a high.

Quite like what being sexed up is fine
when a passionate letter wont do the job.
It takes real heart to steal the show
when it’s a matter of winning the mob.

Later when I am held for judgement
and asked for whatever passed in life,
So much for the theories that die
when its time to rule without a knife.