Song 73 – Home needs us

What’s our home when
it’s not cared for!
Littered around with
the things of gore.
Make it a habitat;
make it rich, not poor.

Find a mate to
live a life great.
Don’t just sign up
to meet some fate.
Wake up, enough now,
before it is too late!

I hear home needs us,
now is the time.
I sing so to you
to urge us make it fine.


Song 72 – About her

Happy like in love.
Needn’t now
doubt to plant a kiss
thinking “just how?!”
And now when we meet
chances are
she’s smiling and discreet.
That’s my woman,
vowed in with me
to be forever one…
Of everything she hoped
of marriage,
this is all it’s done!