Song 98 – Goodnight all

Goodnight all
like one you never had.
How life’s tad beautiful
and much of it mad!
So before tomorrow’s sun
shows us the road to leave
or go together,
in hope let us believe.
Before our faces
are the worst things
we each can’t stand,
let us dream that love wins.


Song 89 – Creatives

Oh no, no envy,
or no vanity.
I just have wished
to have some eyes to watch me.
Looking ahead
to make a term that’s drag-free.
If you can like me
and my songs; read me.
If you’re online often,
you may rate please.
My blog has stuff
that’s all creatives.


Song 83 – I feel like

I ask.. like, “Who am I?”
A face or name I know not
I can count as global.
I write .. like 4 lines
to settle a brimming feeling
that clicks at every interval.
It’s like, I want to be
famous, for what?!
There’re more writers who don’t sell!
And I wish .. like I grow rich
and wealthy and all…
Then starts the day and .. need I tell?!