Song 70 – The barely wed

From minute one
that which was fun
was turning sharp a wit.
I got 7 days
to think about it.
No eighth day to wonder
what went wrong.
And she said “Enough now”
“I’ll live for our baby
as long as I’ll be”.
From then on what’s done
tells why she’s none at all like me.
And that’s why, weddings
aren’t for the men lonely.
And the wed
aren’t gonna be free.


Song 69 – 7 years a marriage

It’s the 7th year passing…
I’m still that guy
who smells of sweat,
But has in due
his big break yet.
And whom she urges
has a lot to forget
and remember
so she could go on together.

It’s the 7th year passing!
And the wheels
are turning slower.
It’s time to learn to know her
and that my choices aren’t better
than what were years ago.

So my woman, Sorry!
if I ain’t yet the dream
you had wed.
You were the first one
for real I ever had.
And you’re special at that.
Let’s celebrate that…


Song 68 – My bad

I can’t see you
for all you are,
’cause I’m so far.
Am I not lovingly yours?
When I ask you
that question goes toss.
You’re lonely
and that shall turn gross.
Begin a day without me,
and how would that be?
She’s bright for a smart kid
who’ll follow you, question me.
All because,
I can’t see you
for all you are,
’cause I’m so far.


Song 65 – Hiroshima hangover

Between us
there was god as promised.
Between us
there was a handshake we missed.
Before the doom
we had dutiful lives to live.
Post the boom
we were dying to forgive.
After the storm
we had the history written.
Before the children
came to senses so smitten.
Even the bombs were “little boy”s
and the hearts weren’t sweet as toys.