Song 55 – Oh me!

To gain some friends
I made an attempt.
I wasn’t born to do
and all I did, happened.
I met none in the church,
neither on the road.
I knew them all so much
but my reticence was a load.

Never mind,
all this was to be.
Somebody always knew better;
why not me!?


Song 52 – What about me?!

Has your land found the buck
or has it seen you’re a talent.
How about your family?
Are they loving you? how many?

Don’t cry if you can’t do a jest.
You’re grace clothed in your vest.
Simple men are better beggars
’cause you’re bad taste to others.

So when it’s time and you had enough
but you still love your child!
Ask “Hallelujah, what’s this lord?
See! I’m your creation one of a kind”.


Song 20

oh Barnaby oh Barnaby
whatever comes to mind
I keep together,
I fix a rhyme,
and there’s my offer!

So if you seek resumes,
here’s the point
that what makes you ponder
will break your laughter.

And when its over
you’ll say “thats a craft there”!
Then I’ll be in a new job
and that will make the touchy ones sob.

There’s a life to remember
as my grannies and daddy says
is spend in honor but dumper.
I’d stay on and be a cleric
and fill forms for payments
or be a talent that wakes you from slumber.

Then it is a sign of deliverence
that makes it clear I’ve got my way.
Oh Barnable I’ll never wrap up
before I die someday.