Song 96 – Psych in the face

Why the psych put that face on me?
A coat of white and a nerd I see.
Are you damning a date I’m due?
Are you killing my mind again? Are you?

Oh terrible fate that crap written
by a somebody who’s all rage like been bitten.
I think I failed enough and maybe last chance
is here to curse all to be forbidden.

Cut me loose you bloody moron!
What’s a life like thi‎s, always all wrong?!
Ah! Again the psych, putting a cross on me
on the clipped sheet that has my name upon.


Song 40 – State of mind

Sword in the hand,
sweat on the brow.
No one to kill;
The rapid goes slow!

Somebody like an icon,
loses to himself.
Poor souls cry,
they die deaf.

A big void to fill;
I mean, I can’t deal.
Dear ones I can’t see,
please reveal…